How not to do a flash sale

I’m an online marketer, so I enjoy scrolling down my fb timeline to find juicy ads like the following:


Facebook Coupon


This ad ticks all the salesy boxes: New, VIP, Free, Exclusive, Offer, celebrity, beach, sun, impossible pose, beautiful hair.


WoW Kate, tell me the name of your marketing agency, I am sure they are hiring.


After seeing this thumb stopper ad, I clicked, redirected to the website, took the Lifestyle Quiz so they could get a new lead, and… ta-da! A flash sale!


Hurry up babe, you have one hour to choose an outfit.


pop-up limited time coupon


And, in case you haven’t still realized that this is a VIP flash sale, they display a badge to remind you how ephemeral time is.


offer badge


Of course I didn’t buy anything. I was stressed.


And they knew I was stressed because they extended the sale 😉


ecommerce emails in an inbox


From 1 hour to the EOD…


Extended flash sale


…which makes a brand feel cheap, desperate, and untrustworthy.


And once associated these qualifiers to a brand, good luck trying to revoke them.


Hope you find soon an Online Marketer.

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