Subject Lines to increase Open Rate. Is it worth it?

Tricky email subject lines can lead to a higher Open Ratio. But what happens when you don’t deliver on your promise?


This morning going through my inbox I thought for a sec that I had a Lyft coupon waiting for me in the email “Ride for less”

misleading subject line mecomunico

Then I hesitated…

Because if it was a coupon in there, they would have said: Open to get 10% off your next ride! or any other catchy and to the point Subject Line.

But I was too curious, we all want to ride for less!!


promise not delivered email

Mystery revealed. Lyft is cheaper than taxis! Oh thanks, this is a piece of information I didn’t know at all. I just use Lyft cause I like its brand color. 


Avoid messaging based on bad or non-existing data collection

If you are doing a product recall and you have the data to know who exactly bought the product – because you are Ikea – please, don’t damage your brand unnecessarily by sending the product recall email to customers who didn’t buy the product.

Product Recall Email


Webinars with limited spots. Really?

It amazes me how marketers actually think that the user is that stupid to believe that Webinars have limited spots. Do you want to sell exclusivity? Do you really want to limit the number of potential customers you might get? I’m sure you can do better.





For example: a reward to the first ones to register, exclusive and never released downloadables only for those who attend and stay till the end, or highlighting the fact that you won’t be recording the session and sending it afterward.


Respect your customers. They are smart people.

How to increase open ratio in emails


Sometimes people open emails just because they know the content also includes GIFs, or jokes, or whatever it’s worth their time (and it’s also completely unrelated what you want to sell them).



GIF in Emails


Why don’t you A/B test it? And remember, never underestimate cats GIFs.

Cleaning up your email list

Hi Marketo,


If you are sure that I haven’t been opening your emails in a year, (is this actually true?) it’s not a big deal that you remove me from your list.


You should be happy, your ratios are going to improve!!



Unsubscribing from Newsletters is not enough anymore

Unsubscribing is not enough anymore.


There is a deeper and more obscure level: Never email me again.


Unsubscribe example

Because according to MarketingCrazy SF if you ONLY unsubscribe, the sender “can still add you to future email lists”.


Watch out and be prepared. They will come.

The All-Clickable-Email

Where did the 1 to 2 clear CTAs per email go? Newsletters from US brands are the best example of the American capitalism. Perhaps we need to learn more about this… this CTAs everywhere thingy.




But… Wait, what if my email client blocks images?




I think I’m going to stick with the 1-2 CTA per email thing for now.

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