Retargeting on Facebook

Best retargeting ad ever.


Proposal for Google Ads: “This is a Pay per Click ad, please do not click if you won’t buy.”


Microcopy, the climax of copy

Microcopy is not only about UX, it is also an indicator of how detail-oriented your brand is.



Take the time to make special your generic instructional texts, like Trello does.

Tell me about the benefit, not the feature

When writing an ad copy, lead with the customer’s pain point that your product solves. 


Avoid saying that your platform has an A/B testing feature. Instead, make the benefit crystal clear: goodbye guesswork.


A/B testing


Then you can use the extra space on your Landing to properly explain the feature: “Mailchimp takes the guesswork out of creating campaigns people click on. A/B and multivariate testing let you try things out and pick a winner.”

How to attract attendees to your Webinar


After filling a form, I’m on a ‘Download PDF’ landing page, and they’re already trying to push me down the funnel by making me book a spot in their upcoming webinar. Apparently, this is a very popular webinar according to the pop up on the bottom left that shows people who recently reserved—being ‘recently’ 2 months ago.




When Marketing looks like Marketing… it ain’t good.

Google Ads copy that converts

Today I opened my email and I saw these two ads:



Both same USP – make easy money – but different wording.


Which ad creates a clearer picture in the mind of the potential driver?



Avoid creating generic ads.

Make your prospect visualize the promise.




How to get more subscribers

Having a space in your audience’s Inbox is a privilege. Find below two full-screen pop-ups that convinced me to subscribe despite their intrusive size. The reason? A really good copywriting job.



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