Bad targeting = burning money

If you don’t have enough resources, don’t try to be in all channels. You can end up suggesting a trip to a person who is actually living in the place.


Bad targeting example

When not to use Follow us! as a CTA

You should think twice before asking your audience to take action.

Pro tip: when they are waiting for something to load is not the best moment. 


Follow Us CTA


Social CTAs like Follow us! Share this, etc. should be requested when offering something in exchange.


Some good examples are:


  • To gain positions in a “waiting list” queue.
  • To win a raffle
  • To unlock a very special piece of content

Influencing the Product Roadmap

Usually, the product roadmap in B2Bs is mainly decided by the largest client – who is also paying for it.


The good news is that this practice doesn’t always apply. Take a look at how this SaaS allows their visitors to vote for the next feature to be implemented.


We <3 transparency.


Product Roadmap



One CTA at a Time

Only and only if the end of the year is approaching, you need to present your numbers—and they are not looking good, you are allowed to include an extra CTA in your nurturing campaign and try to move faster your leads through the funnel.


Linkedin is asking us 2 things here: to get the guide and to start a campaign.  


Why don’t you offer me the $50 only and tell me you are going to help me during the ad creation process? Tooltips, In-App messages, etc.


There are so many options!


1 Call to Action per stage

Abandoned Carts

People abandon carts to see if they fall in the test group that is going to receive a coupon, or a discount, or a 2×1, or free shipment, or a pin.

Abandoned Cart

How not to do a flash sale

I’m an online marketer, so I enjoy scrolling down my fb timeline to find juicy ads like the following:


Facebook Coupon


This ad ticks all the salesy boxes: New, VIP, Free, Exclusive, Offer, celebrity, beach, sun, impossible pose, beautiful hair.


WoW Kate, tell me the name of your marketing agency, I am sure they are hiring.


After seeing this thumb stopper ad, I clicked, redirected to the website, took the Lifestyle Quiz so they could get a new lead, and… ta-da! A flash sale!


Hurry up babe, you have one hour to choose an outfit.


pop-up limited time coupon


And, in case you haven’t still realized that this is a VIP flash sale, they display a badge to remind you how ephemeral time is.


offer badge


Of course I didn’t buy anything. I was stressed.


And they knew I was stressed because they extended the sale 😉


ecommerce emails in an inbox


From 1 hour to the EOD…


Extended flash sale


…which makes a brand feel cheap, desperate, and untrustworthy.


And once associated these qualifiers to a brand, good luck trying to revoke them.


Hope you find soon an Online Marketer.

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