How to improve your click-to-open rate

Reading a Linkedin email: Oh! a new notification, maybe a new ability has been validated, or perhaps Mr. Zuckerberg wants to be my contact, or who knows? I need to check it, now.

Improve your Click-to-open rate


Guess what. It is not true. 0 notifications when I land on my Linkedin Profile after clicking on the photoshopped red square.


Bravo Linkedin, you have improved your click-to-open rate, just let me know about your bounce rate. (To copy your idea for my next newsletter or not)

The perfect landing page structure: tagline + description + CTA

A Great example of a well-built landing page:


landing page


The tagline defines in just 3 words the USP of Revealytics: turn your numbers into actionable decisions.


The description explains the benefits: with this SW you will know if your online marketing campaigns are working or not.


The CTA includes 2 magical words: free and beta. Everyone loves free stuff + early adopters love beta versions (and regular people are not afraid about using beta versions anymore). Also, by adding this word you are apologizing in advance if something doesn’t work as expected.



Free resources for B2C

free resourceblazer


Why only offering free resources in B2B? Yes, we know, because the sales cycle is longer and you need to nurture your prospect. But….. what if Mango includes a guide on how to combine blazers on their retargeting ads? Just to convince me about how much I need the blazer 😉

About us section, a must-have on startup websites

(After reading this article you will know which content is needed in an About section)


It is highly recommended for all companies to include an About Us section on their websites, but for startups is even more important. Why?


1. To be trustworthy

You need to convince your potential customers that you’ll succeed, especially because Startup is a synonym for risky and unpredictable business. Not having an About Us section, far from hiding the truth—that you are 3 people in a garage, it’s shouting it out.


2. To make your brand human

Most brands are looking forward to being more human, so they can develop long-lasting relationships with their clients. The About Us section accelerates the establishment of this relationship as you are opening the doors of your house for everyone to take a look in.


How to organize the information on the page? At least, you need to include these 3 sections:


1. Put a face on it – who you are

You need a cheesy story about your beginnings, your milestones, and the profiles—pictures included, of the people behind the project.


If you are just a few people working hand in hand with the maximum number of interns the law allows you to hire, upload only the Manager’s profiles. Visitors won’t know that you are actually the manager, the executive, and the intern.


If you have investors, mentors, or someone important who backs you up, this is the place to have their names and faces as well.


2. Show your place – where are you

All the offices have something nice to show, if not, try with a picture of the views, or even a map with your location. In case your partner lives in Dublin and you in San Francisco, voilà, you have two offices.


Don’t forget the sentence [your brand], made with love from [wherever you are located].


3. Quote whatever nice someone has said about you – who trust you

The About Us section is not just you talking about you. Include customers’ testimonials, press coverage, and awards. Remember that people trust other people more than what brands say about themselves.


4. Hire talented people – who you want

It says a lot about you the positions you have available, for how long a position remains open, and if you are hoping to recruit 42342345 interns.


This a good section to talk about perks, social life, and employees’ quotes (but not too cheesy, they need to be credible).

Everyone loves gurus

Behave like a guru and the world would believe you are one.


Once they do believe it, you can create a new revenue stream by charging your users for your tips and tricks. You can ever make it a perk for the employee to become the guru!


Alternatively, you can offer the service for free to build brand awareness and have a designated company position for the Guru role.





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